#Airflotilla | Paris sees protests after France helped thwart fly-in

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[ 13/07/2011 – 12:04 PM ] PIC

PARIS, (PIC)– The French capital Paris saw Tuesday pro-Palestinians demonstrating outside of the foreign ministry headquarters protesting the government’s subservience to Israel after France helped stop hundreds from boarding flights heading for Israel to support the Palestinians.

“We are here to denounce the French government’s cooperation with the Israeli terrorist government,” one activist said, “because we are 342 people who were classified on the terrorist list”.

“People between the ages of 9 and 85 were not allowed to travel not only because of orders from the Israeli government, but with agreement from the French government. This is very, very serious,” the activist said.

Israel exerted every effort to ban hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists from landing in the occupied Palestinian territories last week by sending a black list to airlines. The list included the names of people it did not want to enter the land.

342 French citizens were banned from joining the “fly-in” by several European airlines. 49 others from the country were arrested after they managed to land in Israel.


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