The occupation threatens to thwart the “Welcome to Palestine Convoy”

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[PIC 10/04/2012 – 09:28 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Zionist Police has been taking serious measures for the arrival of new international activists’ waves to West Bank through Lod airport as part of an international campaign to support Palestine under the name “Welcome to Palestine” which will reach Palestine next Sunday, Isreali media said.

Minister of Internal Security Yitzhak Aharonovitch, who is in charge to face these air convoys, proclaimed that several sessions were held with the concerned authorities, police, delegates of internal ministry, airport authorities, and security forces to deal with those activists by monitoring those who “riot” in their native countries and then preventing them from travelling to the occupied territories, and in case they managed to board flights to Palestine the security forces will transfer them from the airplanes to private facilities before deporting them to their native countries, according to Haaretz web site.

Aharonovitch said that security forces will be ready on that day, which will witness the arrival of more than 50 thousand people to Lod airport, to ensure public order at the airport and to prevent any provocations. As any other country would do, Israel will stop hostile elements from entering its territory and it will deal with them firmly, quickly, and resolutely.

For their part, the organizers confirmed that they continue to work for the success of their campaign , where 2500 participants have registered most of them have bought their tickets.

Hearts pointed out that the occupation asked the United States and European airlines to prevent those activists from traveling by providing to them lists of the activists’ names. The occupation also sent delegates and police men to the airports that will be the starting point to the activists in their way to the West Bank through Lod airport.

The organizers proclaimed that the campaign will include journalists and media men to prove that they are against violence and that their direction is the West Bank where they will attend the opening of a new educational institution in Bethlehem and send a message to the international community about the continuing arbitrary occupation policies in the Palestinian territories.

The organizers said that they will inform, in advance, their intention to travel to Bethlehem and they will not refuse to be accompanied by the Zionist police till reaching Bethlehem to make sure of their direction.

The organizers stressed that they will come to the West Bank as tourists carrying a message of peace to put an end to the Zionist occupation and to support the Palestinian people’s rights in the occupied territories.

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