Activists from around the world are ready to travel to Palestine – Video

A call by 25 Palestinian civil society organizations and peace activists to visit Palestine is being answered. According to the organizers of the 2012 welcome to Palestine campaign more than 2000 participants from Europe, North America, Australia and Turkey are ready to travel to Palestine via the Lod airport and Jordan to participate in a week long of activities in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Once the visitors arrive, they will be hosted by popular committees across the occupied Palestinian territories and will participate in a number activities that range from building a school in Bethlehem, to repairing damaged wells and planting trees in the village of Beit umar.

The organizers and visitors believe this collective action will eventually reverse injustice and create peace. But at the same time they stressed that the visitors are not hooligans or trouble makers. In the previous campaign, in July of 2011, Israel sent a black list of about 342 would-be visitors to European airports. The visitors were not allowed to board their flights. Another 127 were arrested at the Lod airport and were held several days before being sent back. Plz make sure about these numbers

The welcome to Palestine 2012 campaign is currently underway. According to the organizers some participants have already made their way to Palestine but the bulk will arrive in the next few days! Will they be allowed to board their flights? Will Israel allow them in? It remains to be seen.

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