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Concrete wall separating Bethlehem from Jerusalem

Israel forces airline to cancel tickets of British ‘flytilla’ activists | #Airflotilla2 move follows pressure from Israel as 2,000 pro-Palestinian activists prepare to fly in on way to West Bank Guardian | Harriet Sherwood | April 13, 2012 Pro-Palestinian activists will be trying to get to the West Bank via Tel Aviv. Above, the wall separating the West Bank town of Bethlehem from Jerusalem. Photograph: Gil […]

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Lufthansa bars passengers en route to Palestine | #Airflotilla2

Maan News Agency | April 13, 2012 BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Germany’s national airline is canceling tickets of passengers who intend to visit the occupied West Bank, a group organizing a visit by foreigners said Friday. Lufthansa canceled the tickets of dozens of people who are signed up to join the Welcome to Palestine week which […]

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BREAKING – Activist from Canada sees flight canceled by Air France | #Airflotilla2

April 13, 2012 Julie Lachapelle, activist of CSN received notification by Air France her flight to Israel was canceled as reported below: Source CSN Canada La CSN dénonce l’attitude du gouvernement israélien Alors qu’une militante de la CSN, Julie Lachapelle, s’apprêtait à partir pour la Palestine, elle a reçu un appel de la compagnie Air […]

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Israel denies activists entry – keeps Palestine in isolation | #Airflotilla2

 Socialist resistance | April 13, 2012 Israel is denying entry to activists trying to enter the West Bank from Tel Aviv to bring solidarity with the Palestinian people. Up to 2,000 people, mainly from Europe, will attempt to board planes in what has been nicknamed a “flytilla” – referring to previous attempts to breach the […]

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Welcome to Palestine: “Even Prisoners Are Allowed Visits” ~ by @naiman | #Airflotilla2

 Source: Huffingtonpostblog |Robert Naiman | April 13, 2012 What difference will it make to the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank when the world meets their demands for freedom and self-determination? One difference it will make: like other peoples of the world, the Palestinians will get to decide who they can invite to visit […]

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Fury after @Lufthansa cancels activists’ flights to Israel | #Airflotilla2

Al Akhbar | Published FridayApril 13, 2012 A German airline has been criticized after it banned dozens of activists from flying to Israel this weekend as part of a campaign to highlight the restrictions in movement to and from the occupied territories. Lufthansa canceled the tickets of tens of people scheduled to fly to Tel […]

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VIDEO – Welcome To Palestine 2012 – Press Update April 13, 2012 | #Airflotilla

Vide posted on Apr 13, 2012 by justghassan Seven minutes interview with Dr. Abed Elfatah Abu Srour — one of the Welcome to Palestine 2012 organizers #Airflotilla2 | Mission “Welcome to Palestine”: The detailed program

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#BREAKING | Jet2 cancelling reservations from UK with no refund | #Airflotilla2

BREAKING – Exclusive by @972Mag : “Political contract” required to enter Israel? Aside from Lufthansa, who canceled en masse tickets of people traveling to Israel, even when not participating in the mission Welcome to Palestine, now Jet2 canceled bookings of participants.   BDS  JET2 Apparently serving Israel & apartheid is more important for Jet2 than […]

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Israel is paranoid about pro-Palestinian activists ~ by Gideon Levy | #Airflotilla2

BREAKING | Lufthansa violates Int’l Law-La compagnie Lufthansa viole le droit int’l Israel will not stand idly by as thousands of activists prepare to arrive on Sunday; it will not miss an opportunity to look ridiculous in the eyes of the world. By Gideon Levy | Haaretz Opinion | April 14, 2012 And with what […]

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Cork woman to join Palestine ‘flytilla’ | #Airflotilla2 #Ireland

BREAKING | Lufthansa violates Int’l Law-La compagnie Lufthansa viole le droit int’l Friday, 13 April 2012 | Maria Tracey | A Cork woman has pledged to go on symbolic hunger strike if she is detained in Israel as part of a global initiative supporting the right to openly visit Palestine. Dee Murphy, originally from […]

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60 Belgiums join 2nd mission ‘Welcome to Palestine | 60 Belgen mee met 2e internationale missie | #Airflotilla2

BREAKING | Lufthansa violates Int’l Law-La compagnie Lufthansa viole le droit int’l donderdag 12 april 2012 om 18u03  (English below the article) (Belga) Zestig Belgen vertrekken komende zondag rond 06.30 uur op de luchthaven van Zaventem naar het Israëlische Tel Aviv, waarna ze naar Palestina doorreizen in het kader van de tweede internationale missie […]

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“Tourist or terrorist” | Welcome to Palestine 2012 | #Airflotilla2

BREAKING: LUFTHANSA CANCELS TICKETS OF AIRFLOTILLA ACTIVISTS! REPORTING FROM PALESTINE | Would you book a flight to another country if you knew in advance that you might not be allowed to complete your journey? This Sunday more than 1500 people from around the world will go to their local airport hoping to board flights bound […]

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BREAKING | Lufthansa violates Int’l Law | La compagnie Lufthansa viole le droit int’l | #Airflotilla2 (updated)

BREAKING – Exclusive by @972Mag : “Political contract” required to enter Israel? Bienvenue en Palestine website | April 13, 2012 (The original French & a Spanish and Dutch translation below the article in English, Continuous updates below this article)  English Dozens of passengers who bought a plane ticket to travel to Tel Aviv Sunday on […]

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