Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

Like this Swedish tourist, “Flytilla” activists flying into Israel will be forced to sign a contract requiring them not to be affiliated in any way with “pro-Palestinian organizations”, “members”, or “activities”. Any breach of the contract will lead to instant deportation. Meanwhile, those deported will receive a letter from the Prime Minister’s office, urging activists to turn their attention to “other worthy choices”, like Syria, Iran, and Hamas. (The text for both documents can be found at the bottom.)

For a country that calls itself the “Middle East’s sole democracy”, political thought and expression means nothing unless it conforms exactly to the government’s idea of things. The contract, first published by +972 Magazine, is explicit in saying that pro-Palestinian sentiments are not welcome. In fact, they are cause for deportation.

What is worse, however, is Israel’s insistence that the public turn a blind eye to its human rights violations…

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