#EpicFail of YNet – Posting a self-mocking picture in an article | #Airflotilla2

Posted on YNet April 14, 2012

Okay we know it is late but this one definitly beats all stupid mistakes made by hasbara witnessed untill now: YNet reposting a self-mocking picture of a Lufthanse airplane with a Magen David on its tail which was posted on Facebook with the caption:

לופטהנזה, חברת התעופה הלאומית בשירות הכיבוש והאפרטהייד הישראלי, צריכה עכשיו לשנות את מטוסיה. אולי למשהו כזה?


Lufthansa, the national airline of occupation and apartheid should now change planes. Maybe something like this?


So you at Ynet do not have to search at this hour for a GENUINE Lufthansa tail you can copy and paste this one as displayed below. Ein bead ma!


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