Scots begin journey to Palestine | #Scotland Airflotilla2

Apr 14 2012 | IC Dumfries 

A dozen Scots have begun their journey to Palestine to take part in a global event to try to visit the West Bank.

Palestinians have no airport of their own and Israel controls the borders of the occupied West Bank.

Last year all 13 UK participants were among around 100 people who were arrested on entry to Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, in Tel Aviv, and later deported.

Hundreds more had been prevented by airlines from boarding flights to Israel.

About 1,500 campaigners are expected to converge on the Israeli airport this weekend, where they intend to travel onwards to Palestine peacefully.

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While in Palestine, they intend to assist with the building of a school in Bethlehem.

The Scots contingent, organised by The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, left Edinburgh’s Waverley Station for Manchester, and will fly to Tel Aviv on Sunday.

Mick Napier, chairman of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and UK organiser of the event, said: “Campaigners who travel to Palestine to meet with friends there have historically had no choice but to conceal such intentions from Israeli border guards.

“Last year’s mass arrests showed what happens when we tell the truth. But we are no longer willing to lie.”

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