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PalestineJN | April 15, 2012

Reminder: All people are called to gather at the airport by noon to welcome visitors. Press conference with visitors and others at Bethlehem Peace Center at 5 PM. Some of our visitors have arrived.

People gathered at Charles De Gaule Airport at 5 AM and At 7 AM in Zaventem, Brussels airport. Other airports had similar gatherings. Live stream from Ben Gurion Airport here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/arabdissident twitter @fly2palestine


Airport authorities prevent activists from boarding in Geneva, Milhouse, Paris. In Paris and Brussels, reports on police violence against activists. There’s a photo circulating, not clear from which one of these airports in arrives.

Detention of passengers with boarding passes in Geneva this morning. EasyJet real time relay of information to Tel Aviv to get feedback and cancel reservations within one hour of booking tickets.

650 uniformed security and many others under cover waiting to arrest the Welcome to Palestine participants and welcoming groups of activists in Ben Gurion airport. Racist member of the Knesset Michael Ben Ari is also there. Nine activists were arrested at the airport so far.

A new illegal procedure was instituted at the Israeli airport that demands passengers sign a statement saying they will not be in contact or work with “members of any pro Palestinian organizations” and “will not participate in pro Palestinian activities”. Imagine in South Africa or the USA demanding visitors sign statements that they will not be in contact or work with “members of any pro black organizations” and “I will not participate in pro black activities”

Call for details
Languages: Arabic, English. French, Spanish, Hebrew
0599255573 (A, E, F)
0568347074 (A, E, S)
0598939532 ((A, E)
0505633044 (A, E, H)

Welcome to Palestine 2012 Campaign websites

English: http://palestinianspring.palestinejn.org
Arabic: http://wtp2arabic.palestinejn.org
Spanish: http://wtp2spain.palestinejn.org
French: http://wtp2spain.palestinejn.org
Swedish: http://wtp2sweden.palestinejn.org
Norwegian: http://wtp2norway.palestinejn.org

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