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Welcome to Palestine: Israel ‘pretends to be a democracy’ | #Airflotilla2

IMEU | Ma’an News Agency, Apr 16, 2012 Organizers of the Welcome to Palestine campaign said Sunday that the first day of the initiative has been a success, despite the fact that only two activists have been able to enter the West Bank. “It was a success at a media level, but it was not […]

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Israel Falsifies Palestinian Supporters List | #Airflotilla2

Watar News | April 16, 2012 Occupied Jerusalem, April 16 (QNA) – Israeli security forces produced counterfeit lists containing the names of “Welcome to Palestine” supporters, by adding foreign citizens bearing no relation to the campaign to raise intimidation against it and distort the goals of its participants, an Israeli newspaper has revealed. According to […]

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Welcome to Palestine 2012 – solidarity with #PalestinePrisoners | #Airflotilla2

Posted on Palestine Spring April 16, 2012 Israel successfully projected its power into airports across Europe and North America to stop people boarding aircraft in their home countries to visit Palestine. To achieve this, Israel certainly resorted to criminal means, hacking into personal emails. It was, however, at a cost. One among many similar voices […]

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Israel Criminalizes Travel ~ by Stephen Lendman | #Airflotilla2

April 16, 2012 | UrukNet   Israel systematically wages war on rule of law principles, truth, equity, justice, and other democratic values. Even Jews aren’t safe. Anyone challenging Netanyahu’s regime and earlier ones becomes vulnerable. Travelers beware. Israel criminalized entry earlier. Rogue officials are at it again. At issue are so-called “flytilla” activists. Reports suggest […]

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Israeli response to fly-in proves West Bank is the Palestinians’ prison | #Airflotilla2

Monday, April 16 2012| Noam Sheizaf | 972 Magazine Advocates for Israel often claim that the Palestinians run their own life. Yet again and again it appears that the West Bank has become their prison. Israeli activist Michal Vexler arrested at Ben Gurion airport while demonstrating in favor of the ‘Welcome to Palestine’ fly-in on […]

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A pro palestinian fly-in to Ben Gurion airport, Israel 15.4.2012 – video | #Airflotilla2

Apr 15, 2012 by yisraelpnm Twelve Left wing Israeli activist is arrested by Israeli police as they demonstrate in favor of the ‘Welcome to Palestine’ fly-in protest on April 15, 2012 at the Ben Gurion Air Port near Tel Aviv, Israel. Some 650 policemen were stationed at the airport as hundreds of activists and protesters […]

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