#Airflotilla3 : Warmly Received by the Trade Union: Welcome to Palestine Activists visited the Palestinian Refugee camp in Amman

A hundred men, women and children, participating in Welcome to Palestine International Mission visited the Palestinian refugee camp of JERASH, Jordan, near Amman today.

The activists were warmly welcomed by officials and residents of the camp which includes more than 35,000 Palestinians who are originally from the Gaza Strip.

These Palestinian refugees have a special part in the tragedy of the Palestinian people. They arrived in Jordan after the 1967 war, not during the Nakba of 1948. They have a status as “displaced” and not “refugees” which has been imposed since 1967

Grouped in an area of ​​75 hectares, the 3000 Jerash families have no nationality and no longer receive any benefits  from the United Nation Work and Relief Agency, UNRWA, the UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugees since 2010.


The only school located at the refugee camp is obliged to accommodate 6400 pupils bearings, part-time only, in overcrowded classrooms as we imagine. The camp has no right to construct new buildings and expand on land leased by the UNRAW for a period of 99 years.

Even after graduation, students who have received scholarships to go to the Universities in Jordan can not engage in employment in public foundations and remain stateless.

After the activists paid a visit to the center for the disabled people, the carpentry workshop and having a friendly lunch, participants of Welcome to Palestine Mission returned to Amman where waiting for more arrivals.

Sunday at noon, they will hold a press conference at the Trade Unions HQ in Amman, just before setting off for the King Hussein Bridge border (Allenby Bridge)

Welcome to Palestine Mission


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