#Airflotilla3 : A message from Mailia: Will I Meet My Palestinian Friend?

I am Mailia, a 10-year old French girl from Paris. I decided to join the Welcome to Palestine Mission seven months ago when I learned about the harsh daily life in Palestine. I heard about the difficulties Palestinian students have to go through and the daily hardship of crossing checkpoints to reach their schools. Because we live in a one-human community and we should take each other from our perspective of humanity, I decided to stand and support my Palestinian friend. I bought a school bag full of stationery, pins, notebooks. I carry the gift with me to give it to my Palestinian friend who I have to meet with in Bethlehem this evening. The Palestinian student children are about to go back to school IN these days.

I am on my way to Allenby Bridge (West Bank – Jordan) border to cross to the West Bank, I hope to make it there.

Let’s FOLLOW Mailia’s story……….


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