#Airflotilla3 : A Ton of School Supplies Delivered to Schoolchildren of Jerash Camp (Photos)

Welcome to Palestine delegates have delivered the school supplies they brought from Europe and North America to Palestinian schoolchildren at Jerash refugee camp (Amman, Jordan).

Hundreds of Palestinian children and their families warmly welcomed the activists in a public meeting. The Welcome to Palestine Mission’s visit to the Jerash refugee camp has been described as historical since it is first international visit first of its kind to Palestinian refugee camp since 1967.

The Jordanian local news agencies continue to demonstrate its interest in covering Welcome to Palestine continuous unique activities. It is also reported that jordanian police has been very respective and interested in the mission activities. It is, as we’ve been told, “for our safety”, according to the protocol approved by the governments of the entire world, but the goal is clear : to reduce, as much as it can be done, the contacts between the refugees and the men and women fighting to give back freedom to the Palestinians.


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