#Gaza : He Could Have Been Saved From Death

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The Palestinian Paramedics affirmed that the martyr Tareq Al-Kafarna , who has been murdered hours ago (September 6th) by an Israeli shelling targeted civilians, has contacted several times the Red Crescent’s ambulances and appealed them to rescue him and his wounded brother. The ambulances rushed up immediately to the targeted area , to be taken aback by the heavy shooting towards them from the Israeli tanks. Forthwith, the red crescent crews contacted with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to ask them to coordinate with the Israelis to allow them to enter this area. But the delay and procrastination of the Zionists have led to the deterioration of the health status of Tareq and his brother . Despite the delay of the coordination and the late arrival of the ICRC, ambulances crews tried to reach them but in vain, as the ongoing heavy shooting still towards them. Tareq and his brother passed away, after hours of suffering and pain . 

So From here, Israel bears the full responsibility for this inhuman crimes. Preventing wounded from being treated, and opening fire towards the ambulances, are international crimes ,against the international humanitarian law and international covenants. Israel has to be brought into justice from the world’s governments and international human rights organisations.

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