Jan 12, 2012

This weblog is an initiative of independant online activists to support the Welcome to Palestine Mission 2012 ; to spread awareness for the initiative and the reality of  restricting policies by occupation which are affecting people who want to visit their friends and/or relatives in Palestine.

On this blog we will post news, updates, footage and articles related to the Welcome to Palestine Mission. It also will provide resources about the previous “Welcome to Palestine Mission 2011” which was trended on twitter under the hashtag #Airflotilla.

Aside from this weblog you can follow our updates also on twitter. To get connected follow @airflotilla2 Our updates will be tagged with #Airflotilla2 in follow-up of the first #Airflotilla.

Our statement about the choice of hashtag #Airflotilla2 for our awareness campaign:

  • We will not succomb to propaganda or zionist rethoric which tried to bring a negative image on the previous hashtag #Airflotilla;
  • Every name which will be chosen definitly will be “hasbarized” again;
  • We are online activists using all possible networks and avaible technology to achieve our goal: creating awareness by all means possible;
  • In this light, we connect and keep connected to Airflotilla for it has achieved high ranking in search engines and 7,4 million results and linked resources. Success of online activism and awareness campaigns is all about “marketing”. It would be unwise to disconnect from an algorithm which has achieved this many in exchange for a name which gives no results or inside linked information at all.

In the coming weeks heading towards April 2012 when the activists of Welcome to Palestine will board, we will update this weblog with resources about the new campaign as well as an archive will be uploaded of all related news and available footage of the first Mission to Palestine for your reference.


Success of “Welcome to Palestine” and the initial mission – exposing restrictions of movement and obstruction of the Human Right of free movement by Israeli policies – only will be successful if awareness is created for the violations of these rights. Therefor we ask you to share this weblog among your friends, relatives, networks and to follow @airflotilla2. Please invite others to the same. Share posts and retweet the updates so we together will make a strong voice against the violations of rights of Palestinians and all supporting those inalienable rights by challenging the restrictions of occupation or at least create awareness for the ongoing and increasing restrictions, until they are lifted and anyone will be welcome in Palestine again.

Even Palestinians themselves.

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Occupation 101 – The full documentary

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