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‘Welcome to Palestine’ Mission enters Gaza Strip

Olivia Zemor, head of the “Welcome to Palestine” delegation, speaks to the press after they arrived in the Gaza Strip via the Rafah border crossing, between Egypt and the Palestinian territory, on December 27, 2012. PressTV | Fri Dec 28, 2012 3:26AM GMT A group of pro-Palestinian activists, mainly French and Egyptian, have entered the […]

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How #Israel orders your Airline around: The Letter which bars #Airflotilla2 activist from boarding (Updated)

April 14, 2012 So you thought Israeli checkpoints only exist in West Bank of Palestine? Wrong! Below the letter Shmueli wrote to the airlines ordering and effectively moving Israeli checkpoints to most European and even Canadian spots. Based on Law of Entry 1952 which can be read here for anyone interested. Bypassing and transgressing international […]

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